Thank you @dania305_ for this great camel in motion, from Adliya-block 338, Bahrain #300camels #streetart #graffiti #camels #street #Bahrain #Asia #Bahraini #arab #vid #الخليج #البحرين #thankyou


Lorenzo Nanni born in Italy, is a 34 years old textile artist living and working in Paris. He specialized in embroidery.

 I use natural minerals and materials: felt, silks, cotton fabrics & threads, wools & fibers, glass and precious stones (Quartz, jade…). I use bones too, along with woods, metals and rhodoïds. It was spontaneous for me to choose these types of materials because my pieces are inspired by flora, fauna and anatomy. I have a lot of respect for nature and animals

On my production method, I always begin with a sketch. Then I move to pattern-construction, dying then assembling fibers and finally embroidery. The time of the process can vary from 10 days up to 9 months of work, depending on the objects. Some pieces require 100 hours of embroidering. They are all unique pieces.The use of fiber has never been lost; the textile has always accompanied the painting as a form of decorative art, and has undergone the changes of time and civilization; suffered the influence of shapes, volumes and materials.


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Cloud-Like Structure Shows Amount Of Plastic Bottles Discarded In NYC Every Hour

Created by S designer Jason Klimoski and his team at Studio KCA


A courtyard installation by Daniel Buren at Las Cabañas


American celebrities Saudi version 👌😂

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And the fact that there’s more than one company means several people called makes it even better.

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Staz Lindes by Jamie Nelson


Backstage @ Helen Lawrence Fall/Winter 2014

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