"Night is beautiful when you are happy—comforting when you are in grief—terrible when you are lonely and unhappy."

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high speed camel

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Banksy does Jean-François Millet’s “Des glaneuses”

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شارع قُباء - المدينة المنوّرة.

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"Transformation and movement of the body"

Yeah, so this is a little different than my normal works. I’m currently studying at an artschool for a couple of months, and one of my subjects is Design and this is my final project. It actually started out with the artwork Popevader by Dmitry Dyachkov, and after two weeks is this the final design. Some of the other students made installations, furniture and a lot of other dope stuff! But this is some of my process, i made a lot of collages in photoshop and used them in many different ways. I would like to dedicate this post to my teachers, the designer Nicholas Nybroe and the architect Rikke Bruun because these weeks has been so inspiring and educational. 


35x55 (ca) - FEVER.

Amman, Jordan

Female BAMFs Throughout History

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